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At The Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice


What I Learned….

about how internationals (you and me!) can promote

a just and lasting peace (shalom) right where we!

  1. Pray

  2. Advocate for a just peace wherever / whenever you can. (Encourage church leaders to take up the cause. Join church and community organizations working for shalom.)

  3. Come and see Israel/Palestine, then go and tell others. Expose apartheid and call it by name.

  4. Encourage others to come, and then to go and tell.

  5. Cultivate grassroots movements; they contribute to the long-term solution.

  6. Do not be for one side and against the other side; be FOR both sides. Call Israel to its original calling to be a “blessing to the nations.”

  7. Boycott goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements. Disinvest from companies profiting from illegal Israeli settlements. Sanction Israel for using American funds for illegal occupation activities.

  8. Deconstruct dehumanization of Palestinians. Make Palestinians visible.

  9. Support (fund) peace initiatives.

  10. Don’t give up!



            Between May 15 and 26, I participated in BIPJ’s Summer Peacemaking Intensive. Here’s our group!

Bart Den Boer, Executive Director, Kairos West Michigan

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At Kairos West Michigan, we work to unify and mobilize West Michigan Christians to take a stand for peace in Israel/Palestine. We believe that the time is right and that God is preparing the way for peace and justice in Israel and Palestine.

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