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Christian Zionism Resources From Pastor John Kleinheksel


KWM’s founder, Rev. John Kleinheksel, ThM, is an acknowledged spokesperson to explain “Christian Zionism”, how it has influenced U.S. Middle East policies and why people of faith should be opposed to it, on biblical grounds.

  • Pastor Kleinheksel uses a summary of Dr. Burge’s book, Jesus and the Land, his own research paper and the PowerPoint presentation of Rev. Alex Awad shown to the KWM community in March, 2020. Here is the link to that presentation.
  • Earlier, the editors of the anti-Christian Zionism website <> asked him to write an essay on “Why I Am Not a Christian Zionist.”   That short essay is now posted HERE on their fine site.
  • After only three weeks on the <> site, 107 persons from 21 countries have viewed his 6,000-word research paper on the subject. There has been vigorous discussion in the sidebar at the site with pro- and anti-Christian Zionists weighing in. That site can be reached HERE.

Jewish, Christian and Muslim activists are hopeful the Biden administration will assertively move away from President Trump’s embrace of Christian Zionism. A growing, global grassroots movement is advocating extending equality and human rights to the indigenous natives of the land that the major religions call “Holy.”

KWM will be offering an immersion trip to our region in March, 2022. Plan on it!

John Kleinheksel

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At Kairos West Michigan, we work to unify and mobilize West Michigan Christians to take a stand for peace in Israel/Palestine. We believe that the time is right and that God is preparing the way for peace and justice in Israel and Palestine.

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