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Perspectives On Zionism: Event #1 A Conversation With Rich Forer

Register For Zoom Address by emailing before Sunday noon on November 15. Thank You!

Join Rich Forer for a discussion of his book,

Wake Up and Reclaim Your Humanity

Wednesday, November 18 at 1:30 p.m. EST


Wake Up and Reclaim Your Humanity tells the true story of a lifelong supporter of Israel who underwent a remarkable spiritual awakening in which he realized he was as much Muslim or Christian as Jew and as much Palestinian as Israeli or American.


“Wow. Wow. Wow. This is powerful. A brave and bold eleventh-hour clarion call for the world to wake up before it is too late.” Sam Bahour


You can purchase the book at this link.

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At Kairos West Michigan, we work to unify and mobilize West Michigan Christians to take a stand for peace in Israel/Palestine. We believe that the time is right and that God is preparing the way for peace and justice in Israel and Palestine.

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